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Digitalization at the POS

Digitalization at the POS

Augmented reality, virtual fitting mirrors, recommendation engines… there are a multitude of digital touchpoints and services that can improve the brick-and-mortar shopping experience and optimize retailer’s operative processes. From the implementation of individual touchpoints to a distinct “lab space” to a holistic experience store, the options are plentiful.

However, not every solution is equally fitting for every retailer. Depending on the strategic positioning and objectives, the customer needs and the status quo, the right approach to digitalizing the POS has to be found.

The right touchpoint portfolio must be identified and the corresponding services, functions, technology and content defined. Besides the implementation of individual touchpoints, digitalization at the POS means securing overarching technological requirements such as RFID and optimizing central processes such as master data management and content creation. Last but not least, the sales staff must be informed and trained so that they understand and support the changes and integrate these in their work routine.

TAILORIT supports you from the selection of new touchpoints to the implementation in store:

  • Creation of a store concept
  • Selection of touchpoints according to the TAILORIT “4C Evaluation Framework”
  • (Re)design of the customer journey
  • Touchpoint conception (services, functions, technology, content)
  • Orchestration of the touchpoints and derivation of overarching requirements
  • Evaluation of company resources and capabilities in view of the implementation of the touchpoints
  • Solution provider evaluation and onboarding
  • Functional and technological touchpoint implementation
  • Staff enabling
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement

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