Customer Experience

Communication, Training and Change Management for No-line Sales Assistants

Training of No-line Sales Assistants

The Challenge

  • Enable store personnel to use the new digital solutions at the POS when assisting customers
  • Targeted communication and training of personnel to prepare them for the new challenges of no-line sales
  • Change management to achieve the necessary shift in mindset

Our Tasks

  • Develop a stakeholder-specific communication plan and corresponding communication tools
  • Create concept for store-personnel trainings and carry out the trainings
  • Carry out various employee surveys to measure the performance of the measures within the framework of the academic study


  • Employees are prepared for the changes resulting from the transformation to a no-line retailer
  • Transparency over the attitude and needs of employees
  • Profitability analysis of HR measures
  • Derivation of personnel development needs
  • Optimized recruiting measures and recruiting criteria