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Culture and digitalization - an example

Posted on 07/12/18 by Dr. Michael Baurschmid - Manager

A description of culture often entails the iceberg metaphor. All we see is the small portion that is above the water. But when it comes to implementation endeavors we must also consider the "belly" below the waterline. On the surface, it is not only a question of introducing digital technologies in retail, but also of observing the prerequisites and consequences of their implementation. Otherwise, there is a great risk of failure. In the first part of my blog post I described the reasons why the willingness for digital change is often lacking.

Culture and Digitalization – First Approach

Posted on 06/28/18 by Dr. Michael Baurschmid - Manager

It seems that digitalization - like an unstoppable force of nature - is approaching us with great strides. This is demonstrated by the mountains of studies, blog posts, books and conferences on the topic, as well as the practical implementations in retail.

How the Four Core Functionalities of No-Line Commerce disrupt Stock Control Processes - Part 2

Posted on 06/13/18 by Merle Vick - Consultant

In part one of the blog post "How the four core functions of no-line commerce disrupt stock control processes" we examined the effects of the No-Line Commerce functions "Reserve & Collect" and "Click & Collect". Today we will focus on the other functions "Online Instore Ordering" and "Return to Store".

How the Four Core Functionalities of No-Line Commerce Disrupt Stock Control Processes - Part 1

Posted on 06/06/18 by Merle Vick - Consultant

Following Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel, retail has now entered the age of No-Line Commerce. Driven by the digital revolution, customers perceive all distribution channels of a retailer - whether online, offline or mobile - as one holistic picture and choose for themselves the most convenient way to shop. Retailers meet this demand for flexibility and convenience with the help of the quartet of No-Line Commerce core functions: Reserve & Collect, Click & Collect, Online Instore Ordering and Return-to-Store. While these core functions offer customers a convenient customer journey, "behind the scenes" they influence inventories and increase the complexity of stock control processes.

Demand Forecasting: How technologies explain the future

Posted on 05/23/18 by Mirco Schönebeck - Principal


The subjunctive is the biggest enemy of Merchandise Planning: if spring hadn’t been so rainy, the summer collection would surely have captured record sales. If one had known that this season precisely this look would become the style of the stars, one would certainly have jumped onto the trend early on.

Unfortunately, however, for every hit in fashion retail, more failures occur than a success-oriented buyer would like to admit.

Improving sizing and fitting through digitalization

Posted on 05/16/18 by Dr. Michael Baurschmid - Manager

Digitalization projects not only concern customer experience or touchpoint-related activities, but also offer far-reaching possibilities to improve sizing and fitting. Sizing has always been a key topic in the apparel and shoe industry and can create satisfied and recurring customers through a positive shopping experience.