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Online and offline – always one step ahead of the customer

Posted on 03/07/18 by Uwe Quiede - Principal

We haven’t even entered what interests us in the search engine yet, but already various product recommendations are popping up on the right side of the screen.  

Web crawlers and algorithms are trailing us as we browse through online shops, tracking our behavior, interests and desires. Our online profiles are developed and used to target us with exactly the information and product offers that we apparently need.

But: Does the same principle work for the offline-world?

Fulfilling customer expectations – with supply chain insights

Posted on 02/22/18 by René Preloger - Partner

Declining margins, high inventories, fast pace and substantial fluctuations in consumer demand: companies’ supply chains are facing more and more complex challenges. For this reason, there is a need to reconcile various tension fields such as flexibility vs. planning, dynamism vs. stability and innovation vs. profitability.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” – Peter Drucker

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Digitalization: Part 6

Posted on 02/07/18 by Mirco Schönebeck - Principal

"I’ve spoken with the board computer."

"And what did it say?"

"It hates me."  

(Quote from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

This piece here is an intermezzo. A small break on the path through digitalization. My personal pause to have a look at the compass.

Artificial intelligence in fashion design - real creativity or creative catalyst?

Posted on 01/24/18 by Merle Vick - Consultant

A dystopian vision that sounds more like science fiction than reality is that artificial intelligence systems will surpass the intellect of mankind in all its manifestations in the future – thereby making the human unnecessary. In fact, artificial intelligence is already superior to human beings in certain areas: AI systems are successfully used in case law, translation services are becoming more and more accurate through artificial intelligence and algorithms have even been used to find suitable therapies for cancer patients.

Always the right price at the right time: Profit from the bargain hunting of customers!

Posted on 01/10/18 by Magdalena Kozik - Consultant

The statutory regulations on which end-of-season sales used to be based have long been abolished. Nowadays, retailers permanently reduce prices and luminous red sale signs are visible almost year-round in the shop windows of fashion houses. Many retailers advertise reductions on a wide variety of occasions and thus take part in the ongoing price war. Today's price transparency turns customers into bargain hunters, who easily compare prices online and afterwards buy products at the cheapest shop.

Trend Forecasting 2.0 – Social media analysis instead of gut feel

Posted on 12/06/17 by Merle Vick - Consultant

Das Trend Forecasting liefert unentbehrlichen Input für die Planung erfolgreicher Fashion Retailer. Akkurate Voraussagen über Konsumenten Trends sind die entscheidende Informationsbasis für das Strategic Line Planning, aus der sich die Vorgaben für Markenausrichtung und Produktentwicklung ableiten. Die Herausforderung des Trend Forecasting ist es, relevante Muster anhand unterschiedlichster Informationsquellen zu identifizieren und zu kanalisieren.

Im Prä-digitalen Zeitalter wurden Trends auf Reisen zu internationalen Modemessen, bei den Schauen visionärer Modehäuser oder anhand innovativer Streetstyles in Trendmetropolen aufgespürt.