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Demand Forecasting: How technologies explain the future

Posted on 05/23/18 by Mirco Schönebeck - Principal

Improving sizing and fitting through digitalization

Posted on 05/16/18 by Dr. Michael Baurschmid - Manager

Digitalization projects not only concern customer experience or touchpoint-related activities, but also offer far-reaching possibilities to improve sizing and fitting. Sizing has always been a key topic in the apparel and shoe industry and can create satisfied and recurring customers through a positive shopping experience.

Inventory at the push of a button - a dream come true

Posted on 04/26/18 by Uwe Quiede - Principal

It's that time again. The next full house inventory is coming up in six weeks. Personnel has been ordered, mobile devices have been procured, a suitable day has been selected on which the store can be closed all day.

Then day X arrives: Cohorts of external employees from the personnel service provider walk through the aisles all day, and in the worst case even through the night, meticulously recording every single item in the store...


Is language the medium of the (retail) future? - Part 2

Posted on 04/11/18 by Dr. Michael Baurschmid - Manager

Will consumers be more likely to search for offers per voice in the future? Or won't that be relevant in the shopping context?

Basically, speech input offers convenient possibilities that can improve the usability of online shops and should therefore be taken into account by retailers. Precisely because networked speakers such as Amazon's Dot or Google Home and the vast number of newly developed devices that integrate Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePad or Google Home are getting consumers used to interacting with devices by voice.

Is language the medium of the (retail) future? – Part 1

Posted on 03/27/18 by Dr. Michael Baurschmid - Manager

How will voice search and voice interaction impact digital commerce?

“Voice commerce” has been discussed for some time, but a real breakthrough can only now be seen through the increasing demand for commercial voice systems of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, among others. It’s not only a trending topic at the U.S. trade fairs (CES, NRF Retail Show) but also at many German events. 

Online and offline – always one step ahead of the customer

Posted on 03/07/18 by Uwe Quiede - Principal

We haven’t even entered what interests us in the search engine yet, but already various product recommendations are popping up on the right side of the screen.  

Web crawlers and algorithms are trailing us as we browse through online shops, tracking our behavior, interests and desires. Our online profiles are developed and used to target us with exactly the information and product offers that we apparently need.

But: Does the same principle work for the offline-world?