On February 1st, 2018, TAILORIT hosted the Round Table No-Line Commerce. Since 2012, this round table, which takes place each quarter, offers managers in the fields of Omni-Channel, E-commerce, Customer Experience and Retail of leading fashion and lifestyle brands a platform to discuss their experiences and transfer knowledge. The focus lies on shopping experience solutions and operational excellence.

This time the round table met at the Karstadt department store in Düsseldorf. Participants received a tour through the store and in particular through the “twentyfourseven” retail space, which was opened in November 2017. Based on a concept created by TAILORIT, this retail space employs digital touchpoints and services to provide customers with a no-line shopping experience. Karstadt then presented its “lessons learned” from the project as well as the findings of the customer acceptance study which is being conducted by Ruhr-University Bochum. The day was topped off by a presentation on current measures for location based services and traffic measurement as well as time for the round table members to exchange their experiences.  

The next TAILORIT Round Table No-line Commerce will take place in May 2018. Once again, the topics will be chosen according to the participants’ preferences. Reference visits, lectures as well as practical tests and discussions are on the agenda.

For interest and further information visit TAILORIT Round Table No-Line Commerce or contact:

Jutta Niederehe

+49 211 233 950-80


Karstadt Experience Store

Photo Credit: Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH