The digital agency Projekteins has invested in TAILORIT, the consulting specialist for customer-centric transformation in retail. Together TAILORIT and Projekteins are providing manufacturers, brands and retailers with clear recommendations for their digital strategies. The two companies have previously worked together in the context of the Experience Store “exp37” to make digitalization at the POS tangible and to find practical solutions for the integration of online and offline.

Through the combination of long-term industry and consulting expertise with operative technological know-how, TAILORIT and Projekteins develop tailored strategies and concepts and guarantee their successful realization. All processes and structures along the client’s value chain are analyzed and optimized – from the design of the customer experience in the digital era to the concrete development of e-commerce solutions and digital experience worlds.

To achieve this, TAILORIT and Projekteins count on agile consulting formats and a data-driven approach. Moreover, they are developing their own powerful data analysis tools and data integration solutions which enable more accurate forecasts and improved performance. Thus, companies are made fit for a digital future.

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