A business is not a static entity; it’s a commercial organism which is constantly changing. In a dynamic industry like clothing retail, it needs maximum transparency to ensure it can flexibly cater to new market requirements at all times. TAILORIT has developed the ISSUE CLOUD© to cover and assess all industry-related task areas, and, most importantly, to illustrate their interrelationships.

The ISSUE CLOUD© is more than just a good idea. It’s an intelligent analysis and consultancy tool based on our long-time industry experience. The ISSUE CLOUD© helps you better identify the interplay between specific issues, systematically optimise this, and ultimately control it in an optimum fashion.

Operational Excellence and Shopping Experience:

Which strategic, procedural or technological focus areas are interdependent, which benefit each other, and which oppose one another?

In other words: Which issues are crucial to the success of your business operations, and where can you achieve maximum performance with minimum resource use?

The ISSUE CLOUD© provides the answers.