The exceptional status and the constantly increasing market domination achieved by Amazon, Zalando & Co. comes from the fact that they unite the most important characteristics of exponential organizations and thus have a clear advantage vis-à-vis classic retailers, i.e. linear business models.

They are all based on an organizational form that uses digital technologies as a lever, is at its core information-based, and relies on external resources that are not owned. They have the necessary resources, know-how and capacity for innovation.

Most “classic” organizations will never be able to build up and further develop such structures on their own. Moreover, the gap between the necessity to act and the ability to act is by now so far apart, that the necessary transformation cannot be reached alone.

Thus, we are providing brands and retailers with a platform where they can permanently and flexibly optimize themselves based on both internal and external data – to forecast demand, determine the optimal prices, orient the merchandise flow and stock levels towards demand and provide customers with personalized shopping experiences.

Investing in building up structures and competencies is not necessary. Thus, we enable companies of every size and format to achieve potentials that are otherwise reserved for only the really big players. We call this the “democratization of digitalization”.

We invest in technologies, employ experts in data science and software development, cooperate with universities and research centers and have an excellent network of specialized partners, e.g. for online marketing, e-commerce and CRM.

In connection with our long-term industry experience and consulting competencies, we have developed a modern big data architecture with which we can transform an infinite amount of data into actionable insights in real-time, with the help of machine learning algorithms. On the basis of this “Data Refinery”, which is available via the cloud, several business transactions and processes along the supply chain, in merchandising or surrounding the customer, can be significantly improved and automated.