On Thursday, May 11th 2017, Fashion Net Düsseldorf hosted the networking event “Fashion Net Bite – total digital!” and TAILORIT joined to share its insights.

The motto of the evening: “Digital Transformation for Fashion and Lifestyle Brands”. The fitting location: the Experience Store exp37 – fitting because the concept store, which was initiated by TAILORIT & Mavis, makes digital transformation at the POS tangible. The exp37 stands for the seamless integration of the brick-and-mortar shopping experience with customer-oriented online services and serves as a platform to offer retailers orientation for the digital transformation.

The speakers of the evening were Andrea Greuner (Editor in Chief, TM), Huy Dieu (Co-Founder Agentur Gooqx), Markus Eckartz (Founder, Rocket Scientists) as well as Jessica Smith (Marketing Manager, TAILORIT). In her presentation, Jessica Smith discussed the topic “Digital Transformation in Fashion Retail: Are you living or are you existing?”. Here she explained the challenges that retailers are facing and gave concrete recommendations as to how retailers cannot just survive the digital transformation, but prosper.

Overall the event was a huge success. The speeches as well as the location provided new insights, interesting ideas and ample food for discussion. 80 guests from different areas of fashion retail came together to discuss the future of retail.

Fashion Net Bite - Welcome

TAILORIT Partner Beate Hölters welcomes guests in the exp37


Faashion Net Bite - TAILORIT Speech

TAILORIT Marketing Manager Jessica Smith discusses the digital transformation in fashion retail


For more information about TAILORIT events and guest speeches or for information about the Experience Store exp37, please contact:

Jessica Smith

Marketing Manager

+49 (0)211 233 950-74